Which direction is the Church going to? by Sándor Abonyi

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 Table of contents



1. Function and usage of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our days   

2. How can we know somebody is a Christian?          

3. Can we lose salvation?        

4. Condition and leadership of the Church today         

5. What is a local church?       

6. Leadership of the local church         

7. How does eldership function?         

8. Realization of eldership       

9. Biblical ministries, apostolic leadership        

10. Co-operation between  ministries  

11. Restoring of the Church    

12. New wineskin, royal priesthood, discipleship        

13. The calling


In 1992 a new church was established in addition to the traditional denominational churches in Jászberény as a result of a crusade held by a renewed church in Budapest.  The members of the new church had not been Christians before and had not belonged to any denomination. It was of the great grace of God. 

After the initial problems and difficulties of the first two years, which were caused  first of all by the fact that people were inexperienced and also the big distance from Budapest, out of this state of emergency God began to develop something. Men from the church with more experience ( who came to the Lord 2-3 years earlier and had good witness from God) were appointed as elders by the pastor in Budapest the way it is written in the Bible. 

Having no previous tradition, the new elders of our church could only follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and what was written in the Bible. We looked for the answer for all our problems in the Bible and in most cases we found it.

After a time it struck us that we were doing things that were in contrast with what we had seen in other churches. From this time on, being consistent on the Word, we began to develop the practice of a Biblically functioning church.

The Lord often flows out His prophetic Spirit in midst of the church glorifying Himself with a lot of new songs and revelations. Day by day we experience what the fact that  the church is the body of Christ means and that the members work for each other according to their ministries. The prophetic Spirit encourages us to share our visions approved by practice with others.

I believe that if Jesus could be so bold as to entrust the the first 12 apostles (being fishermen and other illiterate people) with the Church after three years, the same way He is able to build His Church on “lay” people with the power of the Holy Spirit today, too.

Between 1995-98 we began to draft the spiritual vision the Lord had lead and is still leading us into step by step. As the result of several years’ work we have managed to publish this book in its present form so that it could be available for others as well. This book is not a light reading written in an easy style, rather it is a study of the Word of God. Human traditions effect our Christian practice so powerfully that many times written Biblical thoughts seem to be strange. So we might need to study this book several times before we can be conscious about those Biblical principles which have already been forgotten and are written about in this book. The present book wants to focus on Biblical principles we don’t often speak about.

If you have a desire to see church life rise to a new quality level and to feel the spirit of freedom and life in our everyday Christian walk then go and start using what the Spirit through this  book prompts you.

An assiduous study and application will lead you to the renewal of your personal conviction  and church life.

I wish you great joy and a prosperous Christian life the way we ourselves have and experience the blessings of God in our everyday lives.

January of 1999 Jászberény

Sándor Abonyi


We are living in the last times and this is what the Word says about this period of time: “Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” Different spiritual movements are increasing with an incredible speed.

Today we have reached a stage when not only those communities that call themselves Christians or Christian-like churches – who, in fact, preach false doctrine – are claiming to be considered legal churches, but different eastern religions do so, even communities that proclaim themselves satanic.

Unfortunately, even the communities that call themselves Christian are rather divided nowadays.

Some interpret certain Biblical verses in different ways, while others create their own traditions by adding some  human practices to God’s Word. They denominate their communities names that distinguish them from others and live within their denominational limits. Some present day denominations unfortunately do not  consider conversion as a basic requirement any more. Here arises the question: can we acknowledge them as Christian communities at all?

Only those can follow Jesus who have not only been saved and baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins but have stepped further into the baptism provided by the redemption of the Lord. He is the one that baptizes with Holy Spirit and fire.

In the previous century there were huge revivals all around the world due to the outflow of the Holy Spirit.

Different Pentecostal communities sprang into being, then in the  following 30 – 40 years a charismatic movement developed that spread to the whole world. Through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit this movement has brought a lot of blessings and a true renewal into the Church, which had been spiritually almost dead. At the same time this spiritual renewal has also become the source of a lot of disorder. (Similar turmoil characterized the Pharisees at the time of Jesus, too, when they could not handle the new science of for example casting out demons.)

Many people who aren’t able to get renewed, be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit are baffled not knowing if this new wave is truly from the Holy Spirit or comes from other spirits instead. Spiritually insensitive people easily commit the sin of  blasphemy,  while the careful just watch the signs and fruits this movement is bearing.

The visions and Biblical thoughts written in this book in the first place investigate the different occurrences from the point of view of the charismatic movement and try to provide explanation and further direction. In the first place – when expressing Biblical visions – I want to draw attention to the Biblical function of spiritual gifts, the necessity for good fruits, Biblical church leading, the importance of the prophetic and apostolic ministries and the priesthood of all  believers. Today much distortion and deficiency can be found in the Church. These distortions and deficiencies  can be basically traced back to the deficiency in  leadership. Therefore we must place special emphasis on Biblical church leading, which is also the guarantee for Biblical church functioning. So it is of extreme importance that believers should be taught about, shown and be demonstrated Biblical church leading. It is strange that apostles and prophets, who are the foundation stones in the building of churches, can’t be fit into the present practice of church leading. Why is it very important to have Biblical vision and practice concerning church leading? Because what we aim at is to restore the model of Biblical church and church leading in the Church so that walls can go down between churches and denominations and unity according to the will of God can come.

Many times during construction work we also have to pull down things that prevent the new building from being constructed. Sometimes this process might be painful, but it is necessary and important for the improvement; and all this must happen in love.

If you are interested in the reading of complete booklet please download it in PDF file above.

Sandor névjegye

Jézus Krisztus megalkuvás mentes követője. Úttörő, aki a hagyományoktól megtisztított, kevesek által járt úton igyekszik járni, szabaddá téve azt mások számára is. Follower of Jesus Chist on an uncompromised way. Pioneer , who try to walk on from traditions cleaned way. This is the way of minority only.
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