Healing for Christians – Ron McKenzie

Getting the Paradigm Right

The modern Western church has got its wires crossed. Most healing prayer for Christians is done by the pastor at the front of the church or by an evangelist at a healing meeting. The process is quick and dramatic, but it usually fails because the wrong paradigm is being applied in the wrong place.

Slam bam, “Be healed in Jesus name” works for unbelievers, because all they need to be healed is burst of God’s power. It does not work for Christians, because underlying cause of the sickness is not resolved. Finding out why the person is not able receive what Jesus has freely given may take time, words of knowledge, talking about issues or confession of sins. This is unlikely to happen under television cameras at the front of a meeting.

If their problem is lack of faith, a Christian may get inspired at a healing meeting and have a rise of faith to the point where they are healed. That is great, if it happens. However, lack of faith is only one possible reason for the sickness. Many other issues that can rob people of the healing that Jesus has earned for them cannot be dealt with on the stage at the front of a church. Peace and quiet will be needed to hear the Lord and sort out the problem.

The big-man, healing-meeting model does not work, because it is using the right method in the wrong place. The healing-meeting methods that should be used in the world for people who have not received the gospel, but we are using it for sick Christians. The proof that this does not work is the fact that most churches are full of sick people. Many have gone forward at healing meetings again and again, but they are still sick. The fact that so many Christians are sick after fifty years of healing meetings shows that this model is faulty. We have ignored God’s clear teaching and it is costing us.

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