Tradition, Scripture and the Church by David Bolton

A hagyomány, a Szentírás és a Gyülekezet – David Bolton

“With anticipation, and not a little trepidation, I am wading into a subject that I believe cannot be over-emphasized as to its significance regarding the Church, past, present and future. I would venture to say that the two most influential forces ever at work in her long history, and those largely responsible for who she is today, are Scripture and Tradition.

If only the marriage of these two were a match fully made in heaven, what an incomparable force they would be for God in the earth!  The reality is, however, that they are a heaven-and-earth mixture, an unholy union of divine and human ways, a complex matrix of good, bad and ugly.  If ever a love/hate relationship existed, it is here between these two obstinate “soul mates”.  Theirs is a marriage marked by the sweetest of affections and the most ardent of conflict.  Theirs is a relationship of immense loyalty and honor and also of constant warring for dominance and final authority.   As friends they are close; as enemies they are closer.  This is the complex and confusing nature of the marriage of Tradition and Scripture as they have danced their way through the pages of Church history.

In the wisdom and purpose of God, the preeminent of these two is Scripture.  This is the one ordained to lead in the “dance”, while Tradition is to follow.  Scripture has an authority backed by Heaven itself.  Tradition has an authority only when backed by Scripture.  Its influence, however, is self-promoting and self-propagating and often takes on a life of its own.  When it does, it challenges Scripture’s authority and has the power to supplant it in the lives of those who come under its influence.  As such, it has become one of Scripture’s most seductive and seditious rivals.

The Church is the marriage bed and the battleground of these two powerful entities… and will be to the end.

In this series, I will seek to peel back the layers of the interplay between these two eminent forces with a primary focus on the nature, place and power of Tradition in the Church.  Unless we clearly discern its proper and powerful role, and also, in contrast, its often deceptive and dominating influence, we will never be free to become what God desires us to be as His people.  An honest and informed look at the Church today clearly shows that we have all but failed in our discernment and judgment on both sides of this matter.”

The booklet is available in PDF form here

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Jézus Krisztus megalkuvás mentes követője. Úttörő, aki a hagyományoktól megtisztított, kevesek által járt úton igyekszik járni, szabaddá téve azt mások számára is. Follower of Jesus Christ in an uncompromised way. Pioneer, who tries to walk on the way of the minority, cleansed from traditions, making it clear for others to walk on, as well.
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    I’m sure whatever he wrote, is correct:-)

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  2. Visszajelzés: Tradition, Scripture, and the Church by David Bolton (PDF – complete) | Christ-Centered Christianity

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