The Ascension Ministries by Ron McKenzie

A szolgálati ajándékok helye és szerepe – Ron McKenzie

“Not Modern Structures

We will never understand the ascension gifts, if we start with our existing church structures. The common church hierarchy is pastor-elder-people. If the pastor is placed above the elders then the other gifts have to be put up there too. People often want to put the apostle above the pastor, so we end up with a new hierarchy: apostle (pseudo-bishop)-pastor-elders-people. The problem is that no place is left for the evangelists and prophets.

The starting point is wrong. The modern pastor-leader role just does not fit with Eph 4, because it does not exist in the New Testament. Apart from real sheep shepherds and Jesus the Chief shepherd, the Greek word shepherd is only used as a noun once in the New Testament. That is in Eph 4:11, and there it is used to describe a gift, not an office.

The word pastor is used as a verb in Acts 20:17,27 and 1 Pet 5:1,2. In both these cases, elders are told to shepherd (verb) the flock that is in their care. We do not have a verb for shepherd in English, so it is usually translated with the verb “to be” plus the noun shepherd/pastor. This translation is misleading, because it makes the role sound like an office. “Tend” or “look after” would be a better translation. These two passages both say that shepherding is something that elders should do. The use of a verb rather than a noun suggests that Peter and Paul are telling elders what to do, rather than giving them a name. Therefore, pastor is not a higher-level ministry, but a responsibility given to elders. This can be hard to accept, but it is the NT teaching.”

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Sandor névjegye

Jézus Krisztus megalkuvás mentes követője. Úttörő, aki a hagyományoktól megtisztított, kevesek által járt úton igyekszik járni, szabaddá téve azt mások számára is. Follower of Jesus Chist on an uncompromised way. Pioneer , who try to walk on from traditions cleaned way. This is the way of minority only.
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