The MIC spirit produces bad fruit by Ron McKenzie

(Manuipulation and Intimidation for Control)

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 1. Kills the Prophets

Jezebel always attacks people who resist her control and intimidation.  She seeks to kill the prophets and other people who oppose evil.

* When Elijah embarrassed the prophets of Baal, she took offence and threatened to kill him (1 Kings 19:2).

* Jezebel took offence at Naboth when he refused to given in to Ahab’s demand for his land and had him killed (1 Kings 21:1-16).

  1. Breathless

The Holy Spirit and the MIC spirit cannot work together.  People in an organisation or church that is influenced by the MIC spirit will find themselves spiritually breathless, because the Holy Spirit is quenched.  People with strong giftings will find themselves shut up in caves and unable to function.

  1. Blocks Healing

The MIC spirit inflicts sickness on those who come under its power.  Jehoram King of Judah married a daughter of Ahab (and possibly Jezebel).  After Elijah wrote a letter challenging his immoral behaviour, he was struck with an incurable disease of the bowel and died (2 Chron 21:18-19).

Sickness is the favourite weapon of the MIC spirit (Rev 2:22).  That is why people with healing ministries have always struggled in Christchurch.  Although the Pentecostal movement arrived in Christchurch many years ago, and the charismatic renewal brought an awareness of the Holy Spirit to the more traditional churches, they have struggled to get victory over sickness.  The Holy Spirit has moved in many amazing ways, but the gift of healing never has been free and powerful in this city.

This Jezebel spirit seems to be able to resist the name of Jesus and block prayers for healing. It refuses to surrender to the name of Jesus, because it was put in place in the name of Jesus.

If Christian leaders have given the evil spirit permission to be there, it may claim that they have surrendered their authority to it on behalf of Jesus.  It can refuse to surrender to the name of Jesus, because it claims authority given “in the name of Jesus”.

This stronghold seems to have the power to resist the gift of healing.  This is why many prayers for healing in Christchurch have not been answered.  People have blamed God, but the real cause is the Jezebel spirit.

  1. Fear and Dread

The MIC spirit has the ability to feed fear and dread into people who oppose it.  After his victory on Mount Carmel, Elijah was attacked by fear and dread, and fled for his life (1 Kings 18:3).

People who are afraid are easier to manipulate and control. Fear allows ruthless leaders to gain greater political power.

  1. Harshness

Churches influenced by the MIC spirit will be weak in pastoral care.  Ahab sent Obadiah out to find hay for their horses (1 Kings 18:5).  Ahab and Jezebel cared more for their horses than they cared about their people who were starving to death.  They should have been killing their horses to feed their people.

In a church where the MIC spirit is strong, pastoral care will be poor.  The leaders will be so focussed on their ministry and the tools needed to support it that people who are suffering and hurting will often be neglected.

  1. Money Manipulation

Leaders influenced by the MIC spirit will be tempted to use money (or people with money) to get what they want.  Ahab took gold and silver from the Lord’s temple and used it to bribe the King of Aram to withdraw his attack against Israel.  Using the Lord’s wealth in this way is a serious sin.

  1. Political Alliances

The MIC spirit loves political alliances.  Ahab and Jezebel formed an alliance with the King of Israel to attack Damascus (1 Kings 22:4, 2 Chron 18:1; 22:5).  Our only alliance should be with the Lord.  Christian leaders should be careful about alliances with political authorities, because it can lead to compromise.

  1. Compromise to Survive

When they come under attack, the leaders influenced by the MIC spirit will compromise to survive.  When Jezebel and Ahab were attacked by Aram, they offered their silver and gold and the best of their children to the invader to appease him.  This appeasement led to further demands, which they eventually had to resist (1 Kings 20:1-12). Compromise is always tested.  Leaders who compromise to get things done will eventually be tested and required to compromise again.  Even when he won a victory, Ahab could not avoid compromising with his enemies (1 Kings 20:30-34)

The MIC spirit makes leaders vulnerable to compromise with evil.

  1. Political and Religious Collusion

Jezebel loved to collude with religious leaders.  She had 400 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah sitting at her table every day.  Their religious power strengthened her ability to intimidate people. When religious and civic leaders collude together, they strengthen each other’s power.  The church should be acting prophetically and challenging the civic leaders.

10 Decline

The consequence of Jezebel’s influence was that God began to reduce the size of Israel. In those days the Lord began to reduce the size of Israel (2 Kings 10:32). An institution that is controlled by the MIC spirit will shrink in size, even though good things seem to be happening.  The leaders may appear to be effective, but the fruit will not follow.


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