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I am originally a qualified mechanic- and economic engineer and worked in the business arena until my retirement.  On top of my professional career, I had been “caught” by the Lord and called from the business world to serve him. The life style of the apostle Paul has always been the pattern for me, that is, “tent-making.”  Working in the world, together with serving the Lord in his Kingdom, fulfilled my personal call.

At age 42 years I experienced a dramatic conversion and rebirth.  I gave my old nature over to death and became a new creature in Christ.  I came to hate my own and other’s sins, and experienced the grace and truth of Christ.  Walking in this became the driving force of my life.

For over twenty years of my life since, I experienced the faithful, but lonely, Christian life.   I served as an elder for a long time in an ‘institutional church’ within the charismatic movement.  For than ten years we have been emerging from that paradigm.  Now we are living in a simple/natural/ house church experience.

Fulfilling the truth of the Word, I was baptized in water and later received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Thereafter the Lord soon showed me his personal call for my life, which is the building of the Lord’s church.  During my service the following have become the emphasis of my life:

–  Recognition of the believer’s personal call

–  Recognition and exercise of gifts of service

–  Preparing the saints for their service to others

–  Following a Biblical model of the church, especially the corporate leadership concept

–  Elders serving as examples integrated into the flock (among the flock alive) not as leaders at the “top of the pyramid” with others in subjection.  The ideal is for elders to raise up people to serve others.

All these truths were delivered by my writings, translations, personal discussions, serviced to others using websites too.  Having been saved from the world and only knowing of church practices of organized congregational life during my life as a believer, I had many experiences that differ from the word of truth.  These practices were contrary to what is found – or not found – in Scripture, and preaching these “truths” everywhere became more and more a source of conflict for me. Contacts from abroad served to encourage me to represent the truth without compromise.  This ultimately led to others coming out – peacefully – from our organized charismatic movement.  We are now living our community life gathering in house churches.

I was the first person saved in our family, however, within two years all of my family was born again. My wife, son and daugther serve the Lord too. We have six grandchildren.

Arckép 2014

Sándor Abonyi Contact: abonyis@gmail.com

If somebody speaks only English I suggest the follows:

There is a possibility to read English teachings by the using of

English – English teachings  

Menu points. You can find further valuable English teachings by the using of English Menu ponts (categories). Many Hungarian teching hav been a translation from English where are given the original English Address and links too. In this way you can find many valuable English teaching on this blog. I hope you will find all of these ones. Sandor

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  1. Visszajelzés: Looking Back with Appreciation…Forward with Aniticipation | Christ-Centered Christianity

  2. Tobie szerint:

    Wonderful to hear about the Lord’s work in your life! May He bless you with wisdom and insight as you faithfully carry the torch in your country.

    Kedvelik 1 személy

    • Sandor szerint:

      Thanks for your comment, Tobie. It was very encouraging to me. I see the Lord is working all over the world: in Soud Africa, in USA by David and in Hungary as well. I started now to follow your blog. I am keeping the contact with David by email about since one year. I am interested in your activity in Soud Africa too. I would be grateful if you would be write about the gathering at your house and your relationship with others gathering similarly. I think it would be is useful for both if we would change our thinkings? You can contac me by my email address above: abonyis@gmail.com.

      With Love in Him


      Kedvelik 2 ember

  3. Michael szerint:

    Sandor, thank you for following our blog and reposting our articles on here. You might also be interested in our website, “A Wilderness Voice,” http://awildernessvoice.com where we have over a hundred articles and books we have written available to read. They can also be printed out from PDF files if you like.
    Thank you for sharing your story on here. Many of us have got on side avenues as we sought our Father’s city in heavenly places, but it has strengthend our resolve to keep going and focusing only on Him and not on men. You can read part of my own journey here: http://www.awildernessvoice.com/ThirtyYears.html
    God bless you, my brother,


    • Sandor szerint:

      Michael, thank for your kind invitation to study of your website. Till now I translated two articles from you and hopfully will others in the future too. I am glad for this contact. I have one own book in English on my blog too which is my vision about the Church 15 yeras ago. Please don’t hesiatae to contact me. Sandor


  4. Nagy Sandor szerint:

    It is very very dangerous to declare that you are walking on a traditions cleaned way, although you may do it with good intention. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel we should get back to the good and clean roots without knowing and learning our traditions it is impossible.


  5. vidya padigela szerint:

    Hello, Brother Sándor Abonyi

    Thank you for sharing amazing truths and experiences of God’s word from your life and other websites that you aggregated in this blog. One of the search related to Brother Zac poonen book led me to come and visit your blog.

    Very good inspiration for many of us with your saying and I believe the same — The life style of the apostle Paul has always been the pattern for me, that is, “tent-making.” Working in the world, together with serving the Lord in his Kingdom, fulfilled my personal call.

    I’m still growing in Christ and busy with secular life job. I even had a same desire to aggregate Truths of God’s word and experiences as how you are aggregating and showing in one common place. My same desire I see it real through your blog and it made me so happy to give a comment about it. I always believe Truth should set you free not bind to traditions.

    May God use mightily for his Kingdom.

    I cannot understand Hungary. You also mentioned You can find further valuable English teachings where can I find the correct link of it.



    • Sandor szerint:

      Dear Vidya,

      It was very joyful to me hearing from you and your desire which has been same like me. We like Brother Zac’s teachings too and have translated a lot of them into Hungarian which are available on Hungarian page of CFC homepage too.
      My vision in my life and on my blog (Narrow way) are the follows:
      – Walking with the Lord has been a life style in each of our days – “nonstop.”
      – The Holy Spirit reveals same Truths for his people all over the word but different people have different revelations from the Lord according to their gifts and calling therefore we need to aggregate them glorified our Lord by this.
      – Personally we have the Truths only partly so we need others
      – We need to have the Truths on all of areas of our personal life and ministry to be able to follow our Lord.

      My blog contents presently more than thousand teachings and from them has been only one third part of the own writings and audio teachings the bigger part has been translations from English. So we are able to offer a complete and balanced “menu” for those ones who would like to follow our Lord with whole heart.

      Coming from this If you study my blog you find many English teaching there:
      – at each of translations from English you find links (below Hungarian addresses) to original homepage in English – you can see it here for example:
      – you can find links of offered English home pages too on the main page of my blog on the right side blow.
      – you can find some of my wrings in English here:
      – and you can find many teachings in English here:

      I see it well You would like to make a homepage in English with similar conception? I hope this information help you.

      God bless you



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