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The case of „being unequally yoked” – Sandor Abonyi and his wife

The writing is available in PDF form here  We recommend this read to all couples as it deals with the different problems within marriage, including the issue of sexuality. The issue of being “unequally yoked” is a common topic among believers. … Bővebben…

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The Particular Rock by Sándor Abonyi

You can download it in PDF form here We are all well aware of Jesus’s words: „on this rock I will build My church”    (Matthew 16:18) The first thing we need to notice here is that Jesus is not talking about … Bővebben…

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Waiting for revival by Sandor Abonyi

This writing is available in PDF form here The revival is a continuous subject among the believers. The believers yearn for multiplying and growing of the church. We see many attempts and efforts in this matter among the Christians: there are … Bővebben…

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Strong marriage, strong family, strong church – Sándor Abonyi

Erős házasság, erős család, erős gyülekezet – Abonyi Sándor You are able to reach in PDF form here: Strong marriage, strong family, strong church In Eph. 5.31-33 Paul reveals a secret about marriage when he compares the relationship between husband and … Bővebben…

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Belonging to the “Great Harlot” or to the “Saint Remnant”? – Sandor Abonyi

A nagy paráznához vagy a szent maradékhoz tartozni – Abonyi Sándor You can download in PDF format here: Belonging to the Great Harlot or to the Saint Remnant More than 2000 years ago, Jesus was walking on this earth and after … Bővebben…

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On Church Leadership (an email exchange with Sándor Abonyi of Hungary) Pt.3: “Form Follows Function”

Eredeti bejegyzés Christ-Centered Christianity:
As Sándor’s and my conversation continued, I responded to what he had shared within a few weeks. In his reply, he interjected his further thoughts and comments into the body of what I had written.…

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On Church Leadership (an email exchange with Sándor Abonyi of Hungary) – Pt.1: “The First Button”

Eredeti bejegyzés Christ-Centered Christianity:
Shortly after I began blogging in 2012, I happened across another blog that caught my attention.  Somehow I landed in the English section of a Hungarian blog, keskeny út – narrow way by Sándor Abonyi. …

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