Dear Visitor,

I live in Hungary.  You can read about me and my ministry in menus named “About me” and “About the Blog”.

I collect different edifying writing in Hungarian and in English for more than ten years. I translated many English teachings into Hungarian to edify the faith of Hungarian people. I am writing shorter and longer writings in Hungarian too.

During the last years I translated writings from more than forty different authors. The most known authors are the followings: C. H. Spurgeon, A. W. Tozer, Austin-Sparks, Leonard Ravenhill, Paul Washer, Derek Prince, David Wilkerson, Michael Brown, John McArthur John Piper, Gene Edwards, Roland Allen and others.

I was able to reach Hungarian readers by the Hungarian versions and provide the original links for English people all over the world too. I started to translate own writings in English too and now I encouraged by the Lord would like to share all of my English versions for the edification of all people who like solid writings for the glory of the Lord.

I am sure these writings will edify everybody who have a desire for the deeper truths of God.

In any case the I attach PDF version to make the download esasier for them.

Now I am storing about 800 teachings from which you can choose according to the menu points, categories or type any keyword into searching window.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by using of the “like” or “comment” and write your opinion about each writings.

I don’t want to provoke anybody by these writings. I wish to learn from different opinions and am ready to discuss about it but don’t like to confront.

I am very grateful for all of your feedbacks.

You will have an email message from all of new posts using the “Follow Blog via Email” possibility.

If you would like a personal contact by email to discuss any questions with me on deeper way please don’t hesitate to write me on the following email address:

I wish a blessed study and edification by the posts being on the Blog

In HIS Love

Sandor Abonyi

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